Thanks to technology, traveling has now become a lot easier and cheaper. From looking for the cheapest plane ticket to figuring out what the sign in front of you means, everything is just one tap away. All that is thanks to travel apps. Whether you’re traveling long term or just enjoying a few days off from work, there’s a travel app for you.

But there are thousands of travel apps in the market right now. How do you know which ones to download? For that, we scoured the internet for reviews and personal recommendations and came up with this list of top travel apps for 2019.


Best for: Flight Bookings

If you’re a frequent flier, Skyscanner is your friend. It scans different online flight booking sites to give you the best price on your destination at a given date. Just recently, it also launched a search function for cars and hotels too.

Its most winning feature, however, is the “search everywhere” option. This lets you search for the cheapest flights for that spontaneous weekend getaways. They also added the “Price Alert” feature so you get updated when fares go down.

Download: Android, iOS


Best for: Accommodation Searching

Part of traveling is searching for somewhere you can call your home away from home. Whether you’re looking for cheap dorm-type hostels or a beautiful Mediterranean villa with a pool, Airbnb has it all for you.

Basically, Airbnb is the middle man for property owners wanting to earn on the side and travelers looking for a place to stay. You look for an accommodation that suits your taste and budget. Then you book it and chat with your host to arrange the details of your stay. No cash exchange will be done as all payments are done through electronic banking channels.

Download: Android, iOS


Best for: Travel Planning

When you’re a frequent traveler, keeping track of all your bookings, reservations, and confirmations can be a total headache. Now, that’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about with the TripIt app. It stores your hotel reservations, flight bookings, and car rental confirmations among others. Then it organizes all this information into an easy-to-use itinerary.

It gives you the option to enter your travel information or forward confirmations manually. You can also set the app to automatically fetch itinerary-related messages from your inbox. A free version of the app is available with basic organizer features. But paying a small annual subscription fee lets you upgrade plane seats and track reward miles.

Download: Android, iOS


Best for: Flight Prices Watching

If you’re constantly on the lookout for cheap plane fares, Hopper is your friend. Its algorithm combs through various sites to see which dates are best for flying. Simply type in your destination and the app will show you a color-coded calendar. It shows the average ticket prices for each date so you’ll know when is the cheapest or most expensive day to fly.

The app will also tell you to book now or wait for the prices to go down. If it does the latter, you can set up a price watch to notify you when prices go down.

Download: Android, iOS

Google Trips

Best for: Travel Planning

Google’s vast data channels make Google Trips the best itinerary planning app in the market. It’s got a lot of features that are streamlined with other Google technologies.

The app can pull travel confirmations right from your inbox and organizes them into a functional itinerary. There’s also a “getting around” tab which tells you how to get to your destination. The “need to know” feature gives you suggestions for activities and other helpful information on places. It’s also conveniently synced with Google Maps which makes getting around a lot easier.

Download: Android, iOS

Google Translate

Best for: Translation

The language barrier is often one of the most challenging things for international travelers. That’s why Google Translate made it to our list. It allows translation of over 100 languages including Vietnamese, Thai, Hindi, Arabic, French, Japanese and Italian among others. The best thing about it is you can translate each language into any language in their database, not just English.

The new upgrade also allows users to translate street signs and menus right from the app. You just have to take a photo of the sign and highlight the part with the text they want to be translated. The app will then translate it into English. It also uses text-to-speech technology to translate during conversations.

Download: Android, iOS


Best for: Finding Reviews

Real, on-the-ground reviews are essential in planning a successful trip. That’s what TripAdvisor is about. It currently has over 700 million reviews of more than 8 million destinations. No monetary incentives are given to reviewers and the site constantly filters out fake reviews. So, it’s the best place to go before finalizing your hotel bookings or restaurant reservations.

The app is free for both Android and Apple devices. It’s also available in 28 languages including Arabic, Chinese, Czech and Danish among others.

Download: Android, iOS


Best for: Searching for Available Airport Lounges

Countless hours spent in airport terminals are part of every traveler’s life. Waiting in airports usually involves crowded seats, slow wifi, and bad food. But if you’re staying in lounges, the environment is totally different. Unfortunately, you can’t stay in most airport lounges if you don’t have a membership or business class tickets.

That’s what LoungeBuddy is for. You just enter your credit card number, airline status, and lounge membership. The app will then tell you which lounges are available for you at any given airport. It also gives out a list of lounges that are free to use or offers a day pass.

Download: iOS


Best for: Cheap International Calls

Calling home from another country can be difficult and expensive. Roaming plans can cost up to triple the usual rate. Plus calling apps are virtually useless when you’ve got no internet connection. This makes the MyLine app the ultimate travel buddy.

It lets you call any international destination for as low as $0.001 per minute. You don’t even need access to the internet too as the app has an offline option. Call credits are available starting at only $2. It offers free unlimited international SMS too.

Download: Android, iOS

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