MyLine Rates

Lowest Rates for 2018

MyLine’s rates are all based on One Minute Billing Increments.

There is no connection fee or monthly maintenence charges deducted from your MyLine account.

MyLine services originate from the U.S. and/or Canada.

MyLine rates apply to calls made using our local access numbers and include our primary services such asPIN Free Dialing and One Touch Dialing.

MyLine provides the lowest real calling rates for high quality calls between from United States to India and anywhere in the World. You can use TelCan′s prepaid phone service to stay in touch with all your friends, family and business partners in India and the World without compromising call quality. MyLine’s India prepaid phone cards are ideal for your calling India requirements. You can make international calls from United States to India from any phone, at a low cost. Phone card service by MyLine is easy to use, as we provide options like: auto recharge – so you never run out of credit and Pinless Dialing – making the dialing process a lot faster and simpler! Try our new One Touch Dialing as well. Enjoy your international calls from United States to India and the World at low rates with MyLine.

Lowest calling rates to India or cheap rates, High voice quality and 24*7 customer service by MyLine. People can enjoy lower rates of calling and don’t have to cut down their budget on other expenses to stay in touch with their loved ones. Lowest calling rates to India plans are available here.